Alexander Bickov
April 27, 2011

TV Advertisement

Mainual TV ads - commercial idea

Modern electronics, in particular TV, manufacturers, every single one of them are showing in their commercials how realistic the TV image is. It is reached in different ways, mostly using the effect, when the objects and characters are moving from the screen to TV viewer, or the person himself “steps into the TV” and enjoys the transcendent world, so close to reality. Then it turns that the person sits in his own armchair at home.
The idea is to enhance the reality sensation. The person is placed into the reality of the screen but does not want to get out of there. As a result there is an effect of unwillingness to break away from TV is reached. This TV could be positioned as “more real than reality”.

  • rwallen

    What the shit balls are you talking about? Is this even english?

  • Mainual

    Hi, rwallen! Thanks for your comment. Sometimes the description of an idea needs a picture, an image for a better understanding. This idea is uncomfortable for words. Soon we will add the appropriate image for a better understanding.

  • Evan Varsamis

    sounds interesting ..

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Evan! We are glad you loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Evan! We are glad you loved it.

  • Tehasianguy

    Isn’t it possible to alienate a person from society if they watch TV to long then? 
    Its just a worry I developed after reading Fahrenheit 451 and reading about the interactive TVs. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, Tehasianguy, you must always consider that humans are social beings. If we feel a lack attention from society we will search for it.

    I don’t think that is a problem. But this thought is quite interesting.