Alexander Bickov
August 5, 2011

Creative Door Badge For Good Mood

Office Door Badge Preview

Door badges, door badges and door badges again. Our eyes see them in public transport, in houses, hotels, in schools and actually everywhere. So how about your office? I don’t remember many badges on my office door. So here what we can do. We can make a great badge with a text “thank you for coming” or “it was pleasure meeting you” (for conference hall doors), or “hope you liked the coffee”.

Office Doorbadge Rotation

You can find analogical texts in airports that say “Have a good flight”. This is a smaller version of that suitable for your office. And it is easy to make. Grab some creativity, open a Word file. Type in a phrase and print it out. Then stick it to your door. It’s cheap and original. For something more you can contact the closest printing center.