Alexander Bickov
September 22, 2011

Color Of Now


Color of Now – the colors experience idea for basically everyone. This project transforms each moment of time in a beginning of a unique color. This moment itself consists of different data like days, hours and seconds. Each parameter defines a color from the RGB decimal system where you have red, green and blue as basic colors in different proportions. So each second you get something. Well enough with math let us see where we can use Color of Now.

Color of Now iPad Use

The given parameters are available on all digital clocks. And there is a digital clock in almost any electronic device. So with MomentColor your TV, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod or digital wristwatch screen’s background would be able to show an assorti of colors – never to be the same color in next “billion” years. This idea is for people with taste and a need for something new each day!

  • Anonymous

    Check out prototype of this idea

  • Amac26629

    On you’ve mixed up the hour hand and minute hand for the analog clock. Interesting idea, though.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Amac26629. The problem is resolved thanks to your care. :)

  • Arvīds Barānovs
  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Arvīds. The thing is that idea is not the same at all. How many differences have you found?

  • David Rector

    How do you convert the time to RGB? A one second change seems like it would change either red, green, or blue, by a single unit. The colors change so drastically between one second and the next, that it can’t be that simple.