Alexander Bickov
November 29, 2011

404 Error Page Idea

Mainual 404 Error Page Idea Human Head

The three most popular numbers on the web are 4, 0, 4. 404 is the number you probably see at least once a year while surfing the internet. It means that the document or file requested on the web by you was not found. Other words – the info on the server was not found at all. There are a lot examples of 404 backgrounds. But! There is always a need to make something new. So here is our story.

Two guys. The bald with some hair that looks like 404 and the scared one with “hands up”. Each hand has 4 fingers and the screaming mouth makes a zero. That’s error page 404 too. So here we bring this two people interaction, The bad one says there is no requested file found, but the second – oh my god.

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