Alexander Bickov
December 2, 2011

Lovers Must Share Everything

Mainual Love Toothbrush Design Idea

What is greater than love? It is all around us even in the smallest things. Once a year all lovers have a day that can’t be forgotten – Saint Valentine’s Day on the February 14th. So it is time to prepare special gifts for your beloved soul mates.

Probably, the best quality of any gift is that you can use it in your daily routine. We do many – drink coffee, read a newspaper, watch TV or brush our teeth. This is the part where our story begins.

Take a look at the new Saint Valentine’s toothbrush for lovers idea. It has two brush heads and a beautiful red heart in the middle. Now you both can look in each other eyes during daily morning and evening tooth cleaning. From this day, the tooth cleaning becomes a unique relationship ritual. Kissing can appear accidentally. So if you are in a hurry, it can take much more than 5 minutes. Remember that.