Alexander Bickov
December 2, 2011

One Big Surprise For Your Wedding


Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Sooner or later you find one; you fell in a passionate love. Time passes away, and next step is you want to marry the chosen one. Oh, what to do?

So many things to manage and so much money to spend. You need some extra creative or just funny wedding ideas. The search for inspiration can be dangerous because of the risks to become boring so we think we can help.

Mainual Creative Wedding Idea
Find a crane on some wheels and a driver (good mood is a requirement for this job), then find some bravery. It’s better you are not afraid of height. Take some flowers and patience with you. Next this is the moment of surprise. Remember: it’s cheaper than a limousine and at least hundred times more creative. You can lift yourself wright to your fiancee’s window. This idea would make you a local celebrity because of your originality, and all the guests would be shocked. Oh, you can also put chairs or even a dinner table on the top. The rest is in your hands. Have a great wedding.