Alexander Bickov
December 11, 2011

Roger Patterson Bigfoot vs Santa Footage

Xmas Video Card Roger Patterson Bigfoot vs Santa Footage

People always look for sensations, something unexplainable and astonishing. It is in our nature as social beings. All around the world mass media reports of sightings of cryptids and other strange creatures like “|The Abominable Snow Man” or “Sasquatch”, “The Yeti”. Ever heard of Paterson’s sensational footage? It exploded like a bomb in the news and made a fortune for the producer of that footage and also made him quite famous.

The Yeti became a celebrity. It’s important to understand that many doubts troubled many minds around the globe. And the Yeti is not the only one. There is another celebrity of international fame that for many is a fiction, but for even more is a fact – Santa Claus. Known to every child of the world with his gifts, white beard and big belly. People need a proof. Perhaps a good video for the non-believers.

The idea is about a remake of Paterson’s footage. As seen in the footage, the Yeti is something like 30 metres away from the camera, he walks fast and sees the camera by turning his head back. The plan is to make a similar video with Santa Claus in the act. The camera man sees the Yeti and then near by he sees Santa Claus waving at the camera man. At last we have the proof . An amazing viral marketing video idea. So give it a try. Make such a video and get traffic and backlinks.