Alexander Bickov
January 11, 2012

Big Dipper Shopping Basket

Big Dipper Ursa Major

Ideas cost enormous fortune when it comes to advertising something. It could be any product or service – from toilet paper and ice cream to car insurance and air flights. Any good commercial ideas will cost you a lot. Sometimes there is something for free as one great ad idea like this. The concept is about the Big Dipper.

In the sky we see many constellations. One the most famous is the Big Dipper. Doesn’t that remind you of a shopping cart? So here is a demo image of the ad. We have a shopping cart in the sky and a shopping cart button below to stimulate the buying of the product. We believe it is very consistent.

Big Dipper Ursa Major Print Idea Example

Anyone will admit that computers sell. The latest boom on the market was for tablet pc’s. They are handy, light and multi-functional. Something between a computer and a mobile phone. Thou selling can’t be good without a good ad. So you could use our idea for that. We put Samsung Galaxy Tab as an example. It’s also great because Samsung uses the word “galaxy” for their product, but you can this idea for anything.