Alexander Bickov
February 10, 2012

LOL Error Page 404

LOL 404 Error Page Message Design Idea

The internet site hosting server will typically generate “404 – Not Found” web page, when users attempt to access a resource on a web server (usually a web page) that doesn’t exist. Undoubtedly, 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors users can find on the web. To counter the ill effect of broken links, some websites set up custom pages for them. In some cases websites come up with funny ideas that transform the unpleasant circumstance into a good joke.

We have already described one of these ideas previously. The new concept is to bind 404 error and LOL. A sort of sarcasm and a grin :D is in place, when a user clicks on a broken link and sees the 404 LOL page. This notion can be very useful on humor/meme related websites.

  • Christopher Meng

    I’ve used it as my 404 picture.Thanks!