Alexander Bickov
March 4, 2012

Ungrudging Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween www

Traditionally a night of fun and frolics, Halloween can be both a frightening and a pleasant experience. Here is an original quality Halloween illustration which will surely get you into the right Halloween mood. It is funny, all-round-positive and at the same time quite inspiring and interesting for anyone out there who appreciates a different approach to the holiday.

The illustration can be used on the web as an online greeting or image. If you look at the picture more carefully, you can catch sight of three letters: WWW and WOW, which fit in nicely and make the image even more right-suited for the web.

The picture can also be used in commercials or as a poster base and the differentiation it creates will definitely bring a certain “wow effect”. Moreover, the image can be animated with the pumpkin’s “wings” moving, which will undoubtedly underline that Halloween is a tenderhearted holiday.