Alexander Bickov
April 10, 2012

Shooting Down Astonishing Ideas On The Spot


It is often a challenge to attract attention to various promos, projects, activities or events. In the modern day, speed and innovation mean almost everything, thus, bearing this in mind, a fusion of a shell and light bulb has been created in an image. A bullet shell is mainly associated with agility, rapid movement and accurate strike with precision. While a light bulb brings about thoughts of the warmth of knowledge and passion for curiosity. Both combined, they resemble a force striving for rapid, light bringing thoughts and effective ideas that would amaze everyone on the spot.

Moreover, the following idea may be used for logos, on-line service icons, illustrations and arrangement posters to underline the speed, quality and novelty of the service and/or product provided. The advertisement or slogan message text can be inserted directly into the light bulb’s frame in order to make the unique “call to action” more recognizable.