Alexander Bickov
April 16, 2012

Ideas On Scaffold

Client And Idea

If we look at the latest most influential innovations, they are not purely about a new technology but, ultimately, a product or service that is built around a key insight point that generates high demand. The problem of many businesses is that they are sceptic and full of doubt, when introduced to innovation. When developers start generating ideas about improving customer service or distribution channels, they focus on idea and innovation understanding and sharing that knowledge with the customer.

Most companies are very conservative in a sense that everything new (even if, respectively, more effective) or a new business structure to build innovation upon, may harm their existing structure and is too risky to implement. If businesses were more liberal in terms of understanding why innovation is necessary, perhaps many companies would end up being much more innovative and profitable. To come up with solutions to problems, you have to completely understand them and innovate on this basis. Often ideas are obliterated as ineffective without analyzing the overall system structure, as it may be flawed in the first place. This is why an idea needs to be understood before it is thrown away. It is peculiar that often these fundamental steps are skipped because many firms equate ideas to an ultimate heal-all solution.

With the help of different ideas a principal research can be carried out. This way the whole business structure can be analyzed and checked for problems, to ultimately increase business system’s efficiency. Afterwards, innovation can be created around the experience and research results. So the customer does not necessarily have to dispose of newly born ideas, but on the contrary, embrace them. As ideas can help to optimize the whole business and improve the experience surrounding a particular product or service.