Alexander Bickov
April 30, 2012

Your Mind – Your Rules


Once I’ve asked myself, do we really create our own problems by the simply wanting things to be different disregarding the fact of how they actually are?

We want many things to be different, we want situations to be different, we want people to be different and we want ourselves to be different. They and we can’t be other than what we are. It is like wanting the weather to be different, but the weather is what it is. We can accept it and enjoy however it is, or we can complain about it and make ourselves feel emotionally unwell. In any case it is not going to change the weather. Yet this is what we do most of the time we have a complaint about something. We may as well be bashing our heads against a wall and seeking answers.

People are intelligent. This is why in life, business and relationship they always seek a clear, logical rationale of any situation, action or case. If there are not enough prerequisites for a clear rationale of a specific case, a problem in our mind starts to emerge. Imagine how many problems and risks are there that are created by us in fear of failure. I do not encourage risk optimism or opportunism. I simply ask for an unbiased analysis of problems and obstacles created in our mind. If able to overcome them, we are on the way to success.

Nevertheless, our mind is incredibly persistent. It needs different problems to “digest” and the more complicated, the better. In fact, the mind itself can make a problem or task out of anything. It is a complicated and ingenious machine. So if you cope with one problem, our mind instantly starts searching for another.

It takes courage to question and look at a problem from a different perspective; it is much easier to stay in an unconscious complaint about it. It also takes courage to accept the reality of a situation and its inherent solution – it is usually not what the ego wants to see and hear.

Appreciate that, if we’re the ones creating the problems, then we are in the best position to do something about it. We have more control over our mind than we think.