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Shooting Down Astonishing Ideas On The Spot

It is often a challenge to attract attention to various promos, projects, activities or events.

Alexander Bickov
April 10, 2012
Mainual Love Toothbrush Design Idea

Lovers Must Share Everything

What is greater than love? It is all around us even in the smallest things.

Alexander Bickov
December 2, 2011

Color Of Now

Color of Now – the colors experience idea for basically everyone. This project transforms each moment of time in a beginning of a unique color.

Alexander Bickov
September 22, 2011
Office Door Badge Preview

Creative Door Badge For Good Mood

Door badges, door badges and door badges again. Our eyes see them in public transport, in houses, hotels, in schools and actually everywhere.

Alexander Bickov
August 5, 2011
Light Clock

Light Clock

The idea is to connect a lamp, chandelier or a flashlight with a clock. Turning on the device, we will see time on the surface, where the light falls.

Alexander Bickov
April 27, 2011