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Mark on Map: Crime

Google & Bing Map Marking

A pretty interesting idea is to mark certain areas (with streets being their borders) on Google or Bing maps.

Alexander Bickov
May 11, 2012
Halloween www

Ungrudging Halloween Pumpkin

Traditionally a night of fun and frolics, Halloween can be both a frightening and a pleasant experience. Here is an original quality Halloween illustration which will surely get you into the right Halloween mood.

Alexander Bickov
March 4, 2012
LOL 404 Error Page Message Design Idea

LOL Error Page 404

The internet site hosting server will typically generate “404 – Not Found” web page, when users attempt to access a resource on a web server (usually a web page) that doesn’t exist.

Alexander Bickov
February 10, 2012
Mainual 404 Error Page Idea Human Head

404 Error Page Idea

The three most popular numbers on the web are 4, 0, 4. 404 is the number you probably see at least once a year while surfing the internet.

Alexander Bickov
November 29, 2011