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When you have an idea and you feel confident to share it with others, go to our contact form here. We will check the submitted idea for spam or other unwanted content and then post your idea.

To describe an idea you don’t need to write an essay or a book about that idea. Try to keep it short and simple. Start with an introduction to your idea, then continue with the concept and in the end describe why this idea is really good. A nice example is here: Eco products package.

To submit an idea fill the contact form.Also you need type in your Facebook or Twitter account link and the link to your personal portfolio, these are optional. We also need a link to the image that describes your idea. Usually it is very hard to understand the idea just reading the text. An image makes it easier.

It won’t take longer than a few minutes. So feel comfortable to do it wright now and  tell about your idea to the web community. Submit an idea.