Your Mind – Your Rules

Once I’ve asked myself, do we really create our own problems by the simply wanting things to be different disregarding the fact of how they actually are?

Alexander Bickov
April 30, 2012
Client And Idea

Ideas On Scaffold

If we look at the latest most influential innovations, they are not purely about a new technology but, ultimately, a product or service that is built around a key insight point that generates high demand.

Alexander Bickov
April 16, 2012

Shooting Down Astonishing Ideas On The Spot

It is often a challenge to attract attention to various promos, projects, activities or events.

Alexander Bickov
April 10, 2012
Halloween www

Ungrudging Halloween Pumpkin

Traditionally a night of fun and frolics, Halloween can be both a frightening and a pleasant experience. Here is an original quality Halloween illustration which will surely get you into the right Halloween mood.

Alexander Bickov
March 4, 2012
Punk Pie Infographics

Mohawk Pie Chart

Recently a new peculiar idea came to mind. A Mohawk hairstyle is basically a semi-circle when looking at it in profile.

Alexander Bickov
March 2, 2012
LOL 404 Error Page Message Design Idea

LOL Error Page 404

The internet site hosting server will typically generate “404 – Not Found” web page, when users attempt to access a resource on a web server (usually a web page) that doesn’t exist.

Alexander Bickov
February 10, 2012
brain of ideas

bRain Of Ideas

Illustration idea, which shows the infinite stream of ideas. The illustration consists of two main objects: cloud (brain) and rain (ideas).

Alexander Bickov
April 27, 2011